Pole move complete - 2-4 July

Once Chorus had moved the phone lines to the new pole, it was all clear for Connetics to remove the old one.

We have a builder! - 18 July

After completing the tender process we have entered into a contract with Matthew Palmer Construction. Matt is a young guy with a great reputation and he has been very good to work with during the tender process.

And he didn't muck about - Monday morning Matt was at the site with dayglo marker going down on the ground. Construction is underway!

  Matt Palmer

Shaping the site - 20-21 July

Shaping the site  

Tony from Kieran Oliver Contracting came back to finish clearing the site and to cut the levels. The property is essentially flat, but it is amazing how many truckloads a ‘small’ amount of soil takes.

It still looks like vacant land right up to the point where platforms are shaped and cuts made. Suddenly you can imagine a building here.

With a clear site, Matt’s container could be unloaded - watch that new power pole!

21 July

Tony at work   Builder's container

22 July - last loads

Container arrives

Set out - 31 July

Matt’s team quickly defined their levels and laid out exactly where the piles would be dug.

Tony drilled some test locations for Jared the structural engineer, so that the soil strength could be tested.

  Set out

Getting power on - July

On a new build, you have to arrange to get a new connection with a power company. Smaller suppliers don't offer this, so you'll need to talk to one of the bigger players, like Contact or Meridian (you can switch back to your preferred supplier later). You can do this over the phone, and then pass on the details to your builder so the electrican can arrange to make the actual connection and install a builder's cabinet. You will typically need to meet the costs of doing this, as well as paying for power during the construction.

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