Switchable glass - 6 January

wooden flooring  

After months of waiting, the switchable glass has been installed. The glass changes from opaque to clear when a small electric charge is applied to a special film in the window.


Door hardware - 6 January

Anthony has completed fitting the door hardware throughout the house.

  door hardware

Block wall - 9-13 January

block wall  

The concrete block wall has been rising rapidly.

block wall concrete    

Zinc - 10 January

Jo and the the team from Classic Metal have fitted the last of the zinc panels to the building.


Scaffold removal - 11 January

block wall  

Today the last of the scaffold is coming down, revealing the true shape of the building.


Floor protection up - 16 January

The board and carpets protecting the wooden floors have come up, revealing expanss of the finished oak for the first time.


Section fill - 17 January

section fill  

Tony brought a load of fill today to set the levels for the front section landscaping.


Patio cedar - 17 January

Junior has done an amazing job of the very tricky detail required for the patio cedar.

There are no right-angles in the walls and with an angled window it's has been an extremely technical piece of work.

  patio cedar

Kitchen Bench top - 19 January

bench top  

The engineered stone benchtop for the Palazzo kitchen was installed today.

The 'U' shape counter was provided in five sections. Factors such as the maximum length of slabs available and the risk of handling breakages created by large cutouts play a part in determining how many joins are required.


Paving set out - 20 January

Dayglo markings are appearing on the ground as the set out takes place for the paths and other hard landscaping.

  paving set out

Boxing for concrete paths and driveway - 26-28 January


Over several days Matt's team have formed the boxing and prepared reinforcing steel for the concrete paths and driveway.


Bathroom glazing - 27/30 January

With the installation of glazing, the bathrooms are suddenly taking on a finished form.

bathroom glazing

Walk in shower

  bathroom glazing

Shower over bath


Foyer light fitting - 29 January

After weeks in transit, the foyer light fitting from ecc has arrived and has been installed by the electricians.

  foyer light fitting

Concrete laying - 30 January

concrete laying

George with one of many barrow loads


A very energetic morning saw concrete laid for all the paths, borders and driveway.

concrete laying

Pete the concrete specialist


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