99 Hobson

Tile delivery - 3 October

tile delivery

This morning we took delivery of 1.4 tonnes of tiles at our small flat, to ensure they were ready for the tiler when he needs them.

Thanks to Matt and Liam for a helping hand getting them stowed!

Zinc roofing - 6 October

Zinc roof

Erich and the team from Classic Metal have been hard at work, and zinc on the main roof areas is all laid now.

Aluminium joinery - 12 October

aluminium joinery

It's a couple of weeks late, but installation of the aluminium joinery has begun.

Electrical and plumbing - 13 October

As the pace of work increases and more of the sub-trades become involved, the need for site meetings increases. There is a certain amount of anxiety as decisions become 'final', but satisfaction in knowing that thinking will soon turn into doing.

Today Ross the electrician was on site with his team to confirm some details not covered by the plans and commence the pre-wire (installing components like cabinets and sockets).

A week earlier we went through a similar process with Derek and Kiwa the plumbers, and their pipe out is now well underway. Jared has approved penetrations of some double joists that are needed for the in-wall cisterns (ironic that holes in the design didn't support holes in the floor).

Kitchen rangehood extractor - 14 October

Kevin from Palazzo was on site today, confirming the plan for installing the kitchen rangehood extraction. We canít do up (because of windows), donít want to go out (which would penetrate the external cladding), and donít like the idea of staying in (recirculating). The only other option is to go down.

Custom plastic ducting will go into and down the wall cavity to an external motor below the floor. An external motor is quieter, but in this case is needed because of the length of the duct (duct length is effectively increased by factors like the number of bends and elbows, duct diameter, and duct material).

Bathroom floor - 17 October

Today Anthony was shaping the sub-floor for the main bathroom wet floor. This has a slope to provide drainage for a walk in shower, so careful work was needed to adapt the underlying joists to support the surface.

Rondo - 17 October


The Rondo system sub-contractors started on site. Rondo is a metal alternative to traditional wooden ceiling battens. It provides a strong, flat surface for the ceilings that is not prone to movement from changes in timber moisture content.

Ventilation - 18-20 October

lossnay unit

Dave and Taewa from Temperature Solutions have been fitting the Lossnay ventilation system and ducting.

Because the overall thermal performance of the house is not easy to predict (considering sun, glazing, insulation and ventilation), two locations have been pre-piped and wired so that additional heat pumps can be installed in future, if required.

Zinc cladding - 20 October

zinc cladding

Erich and the team from Classic Metal are underway with the cladding.

Because the zinc system is custom manufactured to meet the specific building requirements, there are a number of options for how elements of the solution are configured e.g. window flashings and corner treatments. More decisions!

Security - 20 October


RAB penetration for security cables

Today the security system suppliers are on site confirming the locations for system components.

The rigid air barrier system requires special treatment for penetrations, so these have to be decided and prepared in advance of the cladding going on.

The guys will be coming back in about six days to do the pre-cable.

Electrical walkthrough - 26 October


Tonight we walked through the building with the electricians, confirming the location and function of all the cabinets, sockets, switches and lights.

Itís a time consuming meeting, but a really important opportunity to confirm decisions, catch mistakes and identify any additional information that the electricians need.

Insulation - 27 October


The insulation team started today.

The rooms suddenly have real form (and itís not quite so noisy when someone in the next room starts up a power tool while youíre trying to have a conversation).

Fibre - 28 October

A successful meeting with Chorusís sub-contractor today, to ensure the fibre point on the street was appropriate for our connection needs. To get this process started, you need to lodge a request for a new connection with your chosen ISP.

Roof shout - 28 October

Roof shout

October has been a crazy month. This afternoon Erich fitted the last piece of flashing to the roof, to officially qualify the project for a roof shout.

It was great to pause on Friday for a small celebration of everyoneís hard work and the progress to date.

Council pre-lining inspection - 31 October

A successful pre-lining inspection with Wellington City Council today means we're good to start lining.

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