99 Hobson

Wooden flooring - 3 December

wooden flooring

The first plank of the Ekowood flooring went down today.

Retaining wall foundations - 3-4 December

retaining wall

The house sits clear of the section, and the boundary between the two is formed by a small retaining wall. The footings have been poured and block work laid.

Fibre trench - 5 December

fibre trench

The trench for the fibre connection was put in today.

Internal doors - 6 December

internal doors

The oak veneer internal doors have arrived. These will be installed in their frames and then removed to allow painting and other work to proceed without damaging the doors.

Wooden flooring - 6-14 December

wooden flooring

The wooden overlay flooring is proceeding at pace, and the kitchen, dining and lounge areas are complete.

Earthworks - 12-14 December


Tony was back on site this week to excavate trenches for mains power, water and to form the footings for the boundary wall.

Kitchen install - 12-15 December

kitchen install


The Nobilia kitchen from Palazzo arrived and was unpacked and checked by the installers as assembly proceeded.

kitchen install


kitchen install

Finished cabinets

Boundary wall steel - 15-16 December

The boundary wall is supported by a steel mesh in the footing and the wall itself.

boundary wall steel


boundary wall steel

George and Liam ensuring the supporting steel follows the boundary

Bench top templating - 16 December

bench top templating

Once the cabinets are installed, the bench top is templated. A laser unit takes precise measurements of the installation and walls, 'as built'.

You need to have fittings like tapware and appliances and your cooktop available, to ensure the precise cutouts can be checked.

Painting - 19 December

Most of the interior painting has been completed, although the team will be back for final quality checks and touch-ups after all the other trades are complete.

Bathroom vanities - 20-21 December

Vanities and other bathroom fittings have been installed.


Boundary wall footings - 20 December

boundary wall footings

The concrete trucks have been back and the footings for the boundary walls have been poured.

Cedar cladding - 23 December

The team have started work on the cedar cladding. There are a number of different shades in the timber - the sticks have been sorted to help ensure the fitted mix looks right.

cedar cladding

Junior at work

cedar cladding

Anthony and Liam

Interior door sealing - 23 December

interior doors

Vance has been busy sealing the interior doors and they are looking amazing.

Concrete blocks - 28 December

concrete blocks

As the year draws to a close, the blocks for the boundary wall have been delivered and await the re-start of work in January.

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