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Mitsubishi Lossnay Ventilation

When your home is surrounded by a busy environment (like ours), you want to keep noise and contaminants out while still enjoying fresh clean air. The Mitsubishi Lossnay fresh air ventilation system from Temperature Solutions allows for filtered airflow to every room while minimising heat loss.

Incoming air is filtered and then warmed (or cooled) by a heat exchanger that uses the air you have heated or cooled inside the house. This means you spend significantly less money maintaining the temperature inside your home.

The system meets building code ventilation requirements, so our windows don't need to open. This reduced the complexity and cost of aluminium joinery, largely offsetting installation costs.

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Daikin Heat Pump

While our home is incredibly well insulated, and north-facing for maximum benefit from the sun, we still need some form of active heating.

We had a preference for a floor-mounted system, and are very pleased to have found the Daikin Nexura heat pump from Temperature Solutions.

Aside from it's discrete good looks, the Nexura is a very quiet unit and can operate in a radiant heat mode for even lower noise levels and that feeling of traditional heater comfort.

heat pump

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