99 Hobson

Lawn laying - 15 May

lawn laying

Topsoil was carted in today and a hydroseed lawn sprayed. It's late in the season, so hopefully the seasons will be kind to us.

'Ready-lawn' would have been more instant and less weather-prone outcome, but we are told the hydroseed grass is a brighter green which we think will help brighten the yard. Fingers crossed.

Grass! - 27 May


We've despaired at the amount of rain and number of birds that have descended on the new lawn over the last fortnight, but first shoots of grass have started to appear. Phew!

Plantings - 28 May

Choosing a garden for the West side of the house on Tinakori Road hasn't been easy, but we've decided to go with a mix of three grasses (Libertias Kiwi Gold, Tricolour and Taupo Sunset) with a flax in the northern corner).

Tinakori plantings

After planting

night garden


For the small garden next to the driveway on the east side, we've opted for groundcover roses in a couple of colours.

Guest toilet fix-up - 30 May

Everyone who cares about time, cost and quality hates rework, but sometimes mistakes happen.

The wall-hung guest toilet was mounted on a Gib wall, but has started to show signs of movement. It turns out the manufacturers recommend using a concrete-based product, as plasterboard is slowly crushed by the seat. No risk of the seat falling off the wall (it's connected to a heavy steel frame), but disconcerting and eventually the Gib will deteriorate.

So today the toilet was removed, Gib torn off and replaced with Villaboard. The plasters and painters will follow.


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