99 Hobson


We chose zinc for its long life and maintenance-free properties, and for its ability to softly reflect modern urban themes while avoiding the harshness of concrete and similar materials.

This is being supplied and installed by Classic Metal - we are using their Double Standing Seam and Angle Seam systems. Classic Metal manufacture these and other systems by hand in their Tawa workshop to suit each project.

While relatively recent arrivals to New Zealand, these are traditional systems which have been used in Europe for hundreds of years. 'Spengler' is the German name for the craftsmen and women who do this kind of work and there are only a handful in our country - Classic Metal boasts one of the best, and it's great to have Erich leading the work on our build.

All zinc used in the building industry is recycled. Compared with other metal systems (e.g. aluminium, copper and steel), zinc only requires a fraction of the energy to convert it to a usable construction material.


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