99 Hobson

Garage floors - 2 February

Vance put the first coat of sealant on the garage floors today. We have opted for plywood sheets laid over the plywood sub-floor. The overall effect is great - it seems a shame to park a car on it.

New blocks and capping - 2-3 February

block wall

Having seen the finished block wall, we decided it needed a small additional course of blocks on the eastern end.

The capping was cut to match the 150mm thickness of the wall and the several angles in the wall.

Appliances - 3-8 February


The appliances and kitchen tapware have been fitted over this time, and What should have been a simple exercise has been complicated by a couple of problems with fit.

The space for the washing machine and dryer has been built for a tight fit, but nobody was aware the stacking kit caused the equipment to need extra space. In the end, it needed a construction fix, and the plumbing for the units needed to be set back into the wall.

The dishwasher was struggling to fit in the space designed, so the toe-space has had to be adjusted and a new component ordered.

Kerb crossing - 3 February

kerb crossing

The kerb crossing goes in towards the end of the construction, when no more heavy vehicles need access to the site (there is no point laying the crossing and re-sealing the footpath if a truck is going to ruin it all the next day).

Cleaners - 8 February

The building team have cleared the inside of the house and this evening the cleaners came to ensure things are ready for the move in.

Site clean-up - 9-10 February

After the internal clean, the team are giving the external areas a clean up too, removing scraps of timber, screws and nails, and other left-overs from the construction activities.

MOVING IN! - 10 February

This is it!

Six months, two weeks and six days after levels were cut on the site, we are spending our first night in the house.

It will take another day to get everything moved from our old flat, but we are there - thank goodness the garage is such great storage!

There are still things to do that need to be arranged in the days and weeks ahead, but the house is fully-functional in every way that matters for now.

Wardrobe measure - 13 February

We have been working with Stash for a few weeks to develop designs for our wardrobes. The concepts have been finalised, and today the spaces were measured to confirm the final plan dimensions.

Splash back measure - 17 February

Palazzo have not been able to provide the splash back to the agreed specification. Fortunately, Capital Glass believe they can do the work to spec and today they came and measured up the kitchen.

Shower drain - 18 February

shower drain

The shower drain suppliers impressed everyone when they said they could create a custom drain cover for the shower. Unfortunately it's taken three attempts to get it right, but today it dropped perfectly into the drain.

Curtain measure - 18 February

Our curtain fabrics are finally chosen, and today Lewis's came to measure up for the making.

Security cameras and siren - 24 February

The cameras on Hobson and Tinakori have been installed, along with the external siren. Although the siren unit is normally whte, the cover has been powder coated to match the aluminium joinery and blend in with the zinc cladding.

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